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How To Watch The 2010 World Cup Games On Your Phone

How To Watch All The World Cup Games Online Or On Your Phone? Watch the 2010 World Cup on Your Cell Phone?Learn how to watch the 2010 World Cup on your cell phone so you never miss a play of the premier international football tournament.

With the World Cup opening ceremonies starting in the tonight of June 10, 2010, and the games kicking off tomorrow, we decided to put together this guide for watching the games on your cell phone so you’ll never miss a minute of the action. Check out your carrier below to find out what options you have for watching the games.

Watch the 2010 World Cup on Verizon Cell Phones

  • V Cast Video ($10 a month)
    With V Cast Video, any Verizon customer can watch all 64 games live in Spanish on Univison. If you desperately require your audio in English, you can catch a smaller selection of games on ESPN.
  • V Cast Mobile TV ($13-$15 a month)
    For owners of the Motorola Krave and HTC Imagio, V Cast Mobile TV will show 56 live games. The V Cast Mobile options include a $13 limited package consisting of only Fox Mobile, NBC 2 Go, MSNBC, CBS Mobile, and a $15 basic package including CBS Mobile, Fox Mobile, NBC 2 Go, MSNBC, Comedy Central, ESPN Mobile, MTV, Nickelodeon, CNBC, Fox News, MTV tr3s – VZW Only, ESPN Radio – VZW Only.

Watch the 2010 World Cup on AT&T Mobile Phones

  • MobiTV ($9.99 a month)
    Apple iPhone users can download the free MobiTV app and then pay $10 to upgrade to the “full experience,” which includes ESPN Mobile TV. With this, you’ll get live streaming of all 64 matches in English. MobiTV is also available to hundreds of other phones across multiple networks to find out if your phone is supported text GETTV to 43888.
  • ESPN 2010 FIFA World Cup ($7.99)
    If you don’t need live video, then you might want to check out this app. Apple iPhone users can download the free app and then make an in-app purchase of $7.99 to unlock its exclusive features, which include live ESPN radio streams, in-game video highlights, and video recaps for every match.
  • AT&T Mobile TV ($10 a month)
    For users of the Samsung Mythic and LG Arena, AT&T Mobile TV offers access to ESPN Mobile TV, but it’s only available in selected areas so make sure you check if its availability in your city before you buy.

Watch the 2010 World Cup on Sprint Mobile Phones

Sprint TV (requires data package)
The EVO 4G, along with the majority of Sprint’s current phone lineup, can get access to 56 live World Cup matches with ESPN Mobile TV. For users who don’t have the required data package you can upgrade for $15 with an add-on data pack.

Watch the 2010 World Cup on T-Mobile Phones

MobiTV ($9.99 a month)
If you have the HTC HD2 you’re in luck as you can purchase MobiTV and watch 56 live games. T-Mobile customers with other devices are not as lucky as MobiTV is exclusive to the HD2 on T-Mobile.

LG Pop GD510 User Manual, LG Pop User Guide Download

LG pop GD510 user guide download, LG Pop User Manual Download for LG pop gd510 Owners. Now you can not find it the direct download links for the LG pop GD510 user guide on the LG UK offical support Area.

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Verizon LG Cosmos User Guide or LG Cosmos Manual Download. Are you looking for owners manual / guide for your LG Cosmos? So far LG official has not made a user manual / guide for the Verizon LG Cosmos, same as LG Cosmos USB Driver.

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Sprint LG Rumor Touch manual download official

Sprint LG rumor touch smartphone user manual download for free. LG LN510 User manual, user guide, quick start guide, owners book, lg rumor touch manual or user guide download, English PDF!

28th, March, USA Carrier Sprint just launched into market its new LG cell phone, LG Rumor TOuch- LG LN510 to its consumers, which add the LG rumor series cell phone, the LG rumor touch is introduced to meet you basic quick messaging news with both Touch screen and slider-full-qwerty keypad.

Sprint LG Rumor Touch touchscreen sliding QWERTY keyboard phone

Sprint Official has publish the user manual and quick start guide in English pdf File format. while you still can not find it yet from LG Electronics Official Page:

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The LG Rumor Touch sports a large 3-inch touchscreen and a side sliding QWERTY keyboard. The phone has built-in GPS and supports Sprint’s EVDO Rev. 0 3G network. It also offers access to Sprint Navigation, Sprint TV, Sprint Music and Sprint Mobile Email with personal and corporate calendar features.

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